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Public Works - Current Projects

Forks Township Public Works Projects

2021 Paving Program

Streets to be Paved below are tentatively scheduled the end of July Beginning of August with timing subject to change based on weather and contractor obligations elsewhere. All residents effected by the paving will be notified prior to the commencement of work. All streets will be posted “No Parking” so that any vehicles can be removed prior to dates and times stated on the sign. We ask that any resident needing to get in and out of their driveway during the day, make arrangements to park outside the paving zone as the contractor may not be able to allow access due to paving operations.

  • 300/400 Block Newlins Road
  • Zucksville Road (Sullivan Trail 500 Feet West)
  • Westwind Drive (Treeline Drive to Meadowlane Drive)
  • Farragut Street (Nelson Avenue to Elizabeth Avenue)
  • Waverly Street ( Nelson Avenue to Myrtle Avenue)
  • Myrtle Avenue (Richmond Road to Farragut Street)

Any questions you can either call 610-438-2670 or

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