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Public Works - Leaf Collection

Forks Township 2022 Leaf Collection Schedule

Forks Township offers the residents a leaf collection service. We will get around to everyone, so we ask for your patience during the process, as there could be a reason (Equipment Breakdown or Township Emergency) for a delay getting to your location.

The Annual Leaf Collection Program is slated to begin the week of October 17, 2022 and conclude the beginning of December depending on weather.

Leaf collection throughout the Township will be done through Districts and designated pickup days. Leafs should be placed curbside by 7:00 am in accordance with your pickup district and scheduled pickup date:

  • District 1 & 2: Monday
  • District 3 & 4: Tuesday
  • District 5 & 6: Wednesday
  • District 7 & 8: Thursday
  • District 9: Friday

2022 Leaf Collection Calendar
Leaf Street Sweeping District Maps
Leaf Street Sweeping Overall Maps

All Township residents are required to abide by the following regulations governing leaf collections:

Residents are asked to either pile or windrow their leaves along the curb line or edge of the street. It is important that only leaves are put out for collection as we use machines that run on vacuum.

Make sure there are no branches, rocks, or debris in the piles. If we see this type of foreign material in the pile, we will not pick it up.

Objects, such as branches or shrubbery, will cause the suction tube to clog and in some cases may reach the machine's impeller and may result in expensive repairs and down time.

If there is an inlet/catch basin in front of your house please try to keep the top of the grate free of debris.

Any questions you can either call 610-438-2670 or

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