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Public Works - FAQs

Forks Township What can I do with tree trimmings from my property?
Residents may bring tree trimmings and yard waste to Forks Township Public Works garage located at 1051 Frost Hollow.

Any questions please call 610-438-2670.

Does the Township pick up leaves?
Forks Township offers a leaf pick up service. Please place your leaves along the curb line either in a pile or window.

Collection starts beginning of October and stops second week of December.

There is a loose dog running around the neighborhood who can I call?
Please contact the Forks Township Police Department at 610-759-2200 and they will dispatch the Forks Township Animal Control Officer.

My mailbox was damaged during snow plowing who is responsible?
Click HERE for the Forks Township Mailbox Policy.

How can I dispose of my Christmas tree?
You can bring your tree to the Christmas tree drop off at the Township Municipal Building parking lot located at 1606 Sullivan Trail from December 26 to January 15. Click HERE for more information.

I would like to report a sinkhole what do I do?
If the sinkhole is on your property you will need to contact a contractor to have it repaired. The Township will only address a sinkhole that is in the roadway. You can report the sinkhole by calling 610-438-2670.

What about Snow Plowing?
Whenever an event is forecasted, crews and equipment are ready for the first flake to fall. Any issues during and after an event should call 610-438-2670

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