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Police - Units & Organization

Forks Township The Forks Township Police Department is a 24 hour, 7 days per week full time police department. The department consists of 23 sworn officers and 1 civilian employee. The breakdown of the department consists of administrative, investigative, patrol, and community policing divisions.

All officers have been certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to serve as municipal police officers. Most officers have received additional training in various specialized areas of law enforcement including but not limited to vehicle accident reconstruction, criminal investigation, child abuse investigation, crime scene processing, crime and accident photography, community policing techniques and crime prevention.

The Forks Township Police Department is organized into four major divisions:

Patrol Division
Responsible for uniformed patrol duties, bicycle patrol, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and emergency response.

Detective Division
Responsible for criminal investigation, forensics, drug investigations, intelligence, evidence management, applicant background investigations, and juvenile crime investigations.

Community Policing
Responsible for crime prevention, youth oriented and community based initiatives, G.R.E.A.T., and the Adult and Youth Academies.

Administrative Division
Responsible for budgeting, personnel, facilities management, purchasing, statistics, technology, and communications.

How to Contact Us

Emergency Dial 911
In a police, fire, or medical emergency, always dial 911. This number connects you directly with the Northampton County Communications Center. This facility maintains direct radio contact with all police, fire, and emergency medical units.

For Non-Emergency
Contact, 24 hours, 7 days per week, dial 610-759-2200. These calls also go to the Northampton County Communications Center; however they are not routed as emergency calls. This number should be used when although it is not an emergency, you require the assistance of the police.

The police station is staffed Monday through Friday, from 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

You can contact officers, and leave voice mail messages, by calling 610-252-0785, and following the recorded directions.

Police Department Community Services

In addition to routine police and patrol protection, the Forks Township Police Department offers a number of community based police services. These services are provided free of charge, and are designed to educate and assist the community, in police practices and crime prevention.

  • Vacation residence check programs
  • Business loss prevention programs
  • Child identification card programs
  • Child safety seat loan program
  • Child safety seat inspection program
  • Educational programs for service clubs, scouts, churches and citizen groups
  • We serve as a collection point for the Lehigh Valley Turning Point, cellular phone donation program
  • Fingerprinting for employment, bonding and citizenship applications
  • Adult police academy
  • Youth police academy
  • Volunteers in Police Services

Departmental Roster

Secretary - Jennifer Balek

Chief of Police - Greg Dorney
Captain - John Renner

Detective Corporal - Joseph Effting
Detective - Michael Friel
Detective - Philomena Kelly

Corporal - Raymond Dezzi
Corporal - Shawn Hummer
Corporal - Jack Dressler
Corporal – James Rovinski
Corporal – Brooks Kranich

Officer Jeff Keifer
Officer Greg Reeder
Officer Gerald Johnson
Officer Sean Stark
Officer Trevor Beruta
Officer Andrew Jansuz
Officer Brandon Schippers
Officer John Tosado
Officer Joseph Duffy
Officer Daniel Sciabica
Officer Leigh LaMazza
Officer Austin Jones

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