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Garbage and Recycling Collection for Wednesday, March 7 has been canceled due to the weather. Wednesday will be Thursday, Thursday will be Friday, and Friday will be Saturday. Any questions please email

Forks Township has begun the implementation portion of the Nixle Notification System. Please register if you are interested in being notified of situations occurring within the township borders. We are looking to have the system live within the next week or two. Click HERE for more information. Any questions please email

On February 8, 2018, the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, began and the world’s attention is on this magnificent sporting event. As the games get underway, criminals will likely capitalize on the high-profile occasion by utilizing various techniques to steal cash and personal information from victims. Criminals may use the stolen personal information to create fraudulent accounts to conduct further illegal activity. Listed below are some of the Olympics-related scams: Click HERE for more information.

The Planning Commission Workshop meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 27, 2018 is cancelled.

Garbage and Recycling Collection for Wednesday, February 7 has been canceled due to the weather. Wednesday will be Thursday, Thursday will be Friday, and Friday will be Saturday.

The Recreation Board Meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Forks Township Community Center.

Garbage and Recycling has been canceled due to the weather. Collections will resume on the holiday schedule.

The Recreation Board Meeting is canceled on January 15, 2018. A furture date will be advertised to make this meeting up.

The Forks Township Board of Supervisors will hold a meeting on 12/26/2017 at noon in the municipal building. The 2018 Budget approval will be the primary topic.

Public Works Department will collect Christmas Trees the week of January 8, 2018 to January 12, 2018 by scheduled pick up only (NO EXCEPTIONS). You will have to call 610-438-2670 to arrange the pickup for that week.

The Forks Township Planning Commission Workshop Meeting for December 26, 2017 has been cancelled.

The week of December 25, 2017 and January 1, 2018 will be moved back by 1 day.

Monday = Tuesday
Tuesday = Wednesday
Wednesday = Thursday
Thursday = Friday
Friday = Saturday

If you have any cardboard or wrapping paper that needs to be discarded, it can be taken to the Recycling Facility at 1051 Frost Hollow Road and placed in the green container during normal operating hours listed below.

Christmas Trees can be dropped off at either the Recycling Facility (Preferred) 1051 Frost Hollow Road or the designated at the Municipal Building during operating hours listed below.

Recycling Facility
1051 Frost Hollow Road

Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm

Any questions please call 610-438-2670 or email

Recycling Center will be closed Saturday December 23, 2017

Crews have completed the runs through the Township for 2018. There will be a roaming crew throughout the Township until next Friday December 15, 2017. If you require a leaf pickup please call 610-438-2670 and we will schedule the crew.

If you have any questions, please email or call 610-438-2670

Crew #1 - West of Sullivan Trail from Southern portion of the Township heading North

Crew #2 - East of Sullivan Trail from Southern portion of the Township heading North

Street Sweeper - Between Richmond Road & Sullivan Trail heading North

Crews will have completed collection of the Township 7 times by the end of this week, so next week will be the last collection for 2017 as we need to prepare the equipment for winter operations.

Please pass along to any other residents.

If you have any questions, please email or call 610-438-2670

The November 28, 2017 Planning Commission Workshop Meeting is cancelled

Effective November 5, 2017 to March 11, 2018
Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Saturdays 8am to 1pm
The Center will collect all of the following: Single Stream Recycling - Residents will now be able to drop off all recyclables listed under curbside collection Yard waste - Unlimited amounts of yard waste (leaves, branches, twigs, flowers, roots, bushes, garden and grass clippings) Metal Items and White Goods - Appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers (remove doors; no need to remove Freon), washers, dryers, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, bicycles, and lawnmowers (oil and gas removed), BBQ grills (gas and/or charcoal removed), and various other household metal items. We will not take loose soils, sod, any wood, construction debris or tree limbs over twelve (12) inches in diameter; human or animal excrement; noxious weeds or soil contaminated with hazardous substances. Any questions please call 610-438-2670 or email

Forks Township offers the residents a leaf collection service. We will get around to everyone, so we ask for your patience during the process, as there could be a reason (Equipment Breakdown or Township Emergency) for a delay getting to your location.

Residents are asked to either pile or windrow their leaves along the curb line or edge of the street. It is important that only leaves are put out for collection as we use machines that run on vacuum.

Make sure there are no branches, rocks, or debris in the piles. If we see this type of foreign material in the pile, we will not pick it up.

Objects, such as branches or shrubbery, will cause the suction tube to clog and in some cases may reach the machine's impeller and may result in expensive repairs and down time. These items should be taken to the Yard Waste Facility located at 1051 Frost Hollow Road during the hours of operation.

If there is an inlet/catch basin in front of your house please try to keep the top of the grate free of debris.

At this time one machine is sent out once a week covering a specific route that takes it through the entire Township. This route will then be repeated weekly until the volume of leaves increases and a second machine is added and the Township is then divided in half with Sullivan Trail being the dividing line.

Collection will continue until the first week of December, and then trucks are fitted with snow removal equipment.

Note: Any "bagged" leaves will not be picked up.

Any questions you can either call 610-438-2670 or

The Forks Township Board of Supervisors is seeking letters of interest for two vacancies on the Forks Township Recreation Board. Interested residents may send a letter of interest c/o John V. Cornell Township Manager at Forks Township 1606 Sullivan Trail, Easton Pa 18040-8398. Letters of interest may be received until 3:00 pm Friday November 3, 2017. Following receipt of letters of interest, public interviews will be held the evening of November 16, 2017. A detailed description of the mission and responsibilities of the 7 member Recreation Board may be found on the Forks Township website at Forks Township is an equal opportunity governmental organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, or gender. Any questions may be directed to the Township Manager at 610-250-2251.

The new fully automated curbside waste and recycling collection program begins September 1, 2017. For more information on the program, please click here.

Welcome To Forks Township

The Forks Township Board of Supervisors invites you to explore your Forks Township website. We want to provide our web visitors with the latest information on township governance, services, public meetings and events, along with staff contacts. We continually treat the website as a work in progress to assure the best service and information to our residents and visitors.

The Board's mission is to support the best quality of life for our residents by maintaining a professional and responsive staff; delivering the highest level of public safety; providing recreation to promote wellness for all ages through our Community Center programs; encouraging the utilization of the Township's well maintained parkland and its facilities, including the extensive network of recreational pathways; and finally to deliver governmental services in a courteous, efficient and fiscally responsible manner.

We hope you experience perusing our website is both positive and informative. We would enjoy hearing from you. Please contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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